Tiny Ghost Stories is a recent body of work revolving around the tiny sparks that can ignite the imagination, the desire for storytelling and the birth of ghosts.

About me
...(in third person)

Sara Turner resides in Lexington, where she holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Kentucky.
She currently creates comics as Tiny Ghost Stories. She started work on The Ghosts of Pineville series in early 2009 with the mini comic The Cherished Collection of Emily VanWart. Since, she's created 2 books and 2 minis in total for the story. A third book is in the works and should be released in 2014.

Along with her comics, Sara also works as one-half of the tag-team duo, Cricket Press, which specializes in custom screen-printed posters, letterpress, illustration and design. Since forming Cricket Press with her husband Brian in 2003, they've done freelance illustration for various companies and individuals…and posters/packaging for a wide range of free-jazz, punk, and indie-rock bands.

You can view her complete portfolio online at


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